The Land of Zyzzyvantium: The Lore of the Land

Yes the world we live in is called Zyzzyvantium. For you clever folks, try figuring out what it means. (hint: The word itself is not real, but the root word is. And yes, the meaning is rediculous).

Zyzzyvantium is a vast and immersive land, steeped in culture and diversity. The eccentricity of its playerbase lends to an incredibly ecclectic collection of structures from all manner of time periods, universes, and backgrounds. At the both figurative and literal heart of Zyzzyvantium lies the capitol city of Bathostia (from the greek Bathos), so named for its ecclectic and drastic range of structures from the sublime and absurd to the commonplace and ordinary. Bathostia lies at the literal center of the world, with the Great Compass centered at the 0,0 point of the map. New players enter at the Capitol Building, a creation of spectacle and grandeur. Regulation and maintenance of the world is broken into four departments, and the top floor of the capitol building hosts offices for the four admins that run the departments. From Grand Central station which lies next to the Capitol Building, citizens can travel by monorail to any major landmark in Zyzzyvatium. Bathostia is the central hub of all travel, economics, information, and guidance for the entire world. The city itself is constructed on floating platforms sprawling over Karagatan Ocean.

The Server Itself: Hardware and info