=== What We're All About:=== The EpicCraft goal is all about three things:

  1. Fun
  2. Honesty, Fairness, and Professionalism
  3. The Experience

Our first and most important promise is to never take the fun and excitement out of minecraft. We promise to provide the fun and creative environment that Minecraft was designed for. The EpicCraft team is compiled of four guys who would rather die than be bored. We promise to keep it interesting, keep it fun, and keep it exciting. We promise never to tell you what you CAN'T build. If you ever feel like the server is getting you down for any reason, talk to us.

Our second promise is to maintain an environment of honesty and fairness, and to be reliable and proffesional providers of the world. Running a server is literally a service, and we want to remain as professional about providing that service as we can. We make jokes, play gags, and make fun of people when we are playing online with you, but we are very serious when it comes to maintaining the server and creating a fair environment. We have taken as many anti-griefing precautions as we feel is reasonable without limiting gameplay, and player action of any unjust variety will be dealt with. We promise to be stern but fair in all our judgements and to be helpful and proffesional in all of our emails and notices.

Our final promise is to firmly maintain the experience of traditional Survival Mode Minecraft for all members. Thats right. Survival. Not creative. The EpicCraft server is indeed heavily modded, however we want to maintain the feel of having to work for your creations. Being able to spawn in items is not only dangerous, but its also ruins the sense of accomplishment of creating something by hand. Spawning is cheating, and cheating ruins Minecraft for the individual. Every mod we install adds dimension to the game, but none of them are available without crafting materials yourself or purchasing items/services with iConomy. We promise to give you every opportunity to access the benefits of mods, but we also promise never to let you have it for free. To that end, we do NOT allow client-side fly mods or item spawning, and absolutely noone but the four admins will be allowed to use item spawning or world editing tools. No exceptions. That being said, we HIGHLY encourage you to install and use the Lahwran minimap client mod, as an in-game minimap is a feature Minecraft really should have. If you use any other client-side mods, please turn them off while on the server. If you are too much of a wuss to play minecraft legitimately, don't use our server.