How to Apply to EpicCraft:

  1. Turn on brain
  2. Fill out the following form (ALL questions must be answered. NO exceptions)
  3. Copy the text on this page into an email
  4. Send the email to:
  5. You'll get a response in no more than four days
  6. If you're accepted, the response will contain the IP address

The Form

  • Do you actually have Minecraft, more specifically the most recent update?

  • How many African Swallows are there in your household?

  • What is your Minecraft username?

  • What is the capitol of Djibuti?

  • Do you swear on pain of death to uphold the rules of EpicCraft (as stated here) or be banned from the server?

  • Who is the current Czarina of Tokyo?

  • Are you okay with using iconomy? (we will be running it whether you like it or not)

  • Is Hell endothermic or exothermic? What is the net energy change of the system as your soul enters?

  • How often do you think you will be playing minecraft?

  • What is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?

  • Would you like to go through our flight training to be allowed to use the planes mod? (You will also need to download the client side mod for this)

  • What exactly is the purpose of a rubber duck?

  • Do you know anyone who already is part of EpicCraft? If so, who?

  • Who are you people? And wheres my horse?