The EpicCraft server is subject to a code of conduct. All members follow this code. Failure to comply will get you banned. Minor Infractions may result in time served in the EpicCraft Penitentiary.

#The first rule of EpicCraft is that you DO talk about EpicCraft. Tell everyone you know about how awesome we are.
  1. Because EpicCraft is primarily a creative server, warfare is not allowed. Destruction of other players creations will not be tolerated. Admins will provide arenas for PVP combat and ample opportunity for mindless destruction that is AWAY from creative projects.
  2. Play nice. Games are supposed to be fun. Don't ruin someone's day or the admins will ruin yours.
  3. Listen to the Admins. Theres order in EpicCraft and we'd like to keep it that way. The admins are not above petty revenge, but cooperate and we promise to be civil and fair.
  4. Stealing is definitely not okay. Stealing someone else's stuff will get you banned. Stealing things out of existing buildings will also come with a complimentary computer virus of the variety that melts your motherboard. The admins do build things out of solid gold and diamond and other rare materials, and we expect all the blocks to stay there.
  5. EpicCraft builds have a standard of quality. Don't pout if we tell you to fix something. We promise we aren't unreasonable, we just want everything to look nice. If you chose not to fix it we will destroy it completely.
  6. Try not to interfere with the admin mega-builds. If you'd like to help we're all for it, but doing work that we aren't aware of is a no-no and we will delete it (unless its really really good, in which case we will take credit for it)
  7. No one likes a beggar. The admins are fairly charitable about spawning items, but if it gets out of hand we are not above reposessing your walls. We will also not spawn any destructive items (TNT, Fire, Lava) for any reason. We also are not going to spawn you 1000000 gold blocks or diamond tools. I don't care if you're going to sculpt a 100 block high scale replica of the Ark of the covenant or dig the Marianus Trench. If you want the material, you go find it.
  8. Don't be an idiot. Stupid people lead to stupid problems. Act like you have a brain and a concience, and everything will be peachy.